The Winter Detox Retreat: Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda to Nourish the Soul

Carthew Farm, St Issey, Wadebridge PL27 7RQ | Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th January 2019

Bring in the New Year in the best way possible, surrounded by the wild beauty of the North Cornwall coast for five healing days of Yoga, meditation, walks and delicious food to warm the heart & nourish the soul. 



YOGA: Two yoga classes will be taught each day by Ruby Reed and Christabel Reed (founders of Advaya Initiative). We will take a deep dive into the practice while building strength and flexibility. We will prioritise breath development and incorporate elements of movement, chanting, pranayama and meditation.

HEALING FOOD: Delicious and healthy breakfasts, lunch & dinners will be cooked and prepared by our healing chefs Atty and Bea. Atty & Bea have cooked on many of our retreats in the past and never fail to create incredible meals that warm the heart. Recipes will be inspired by balancing Ayurvedic traditions using locally sources and organic ingredients wherever possible.  

SUSTAINABILITY & ORGANIC LIVING: This retreat will be healthy and nourishing in every way - for both people and planet. We will be sourcing food which is organic, local and plastic free!

CRAFT, WALKS & WORKSHOPS: We will lead wild walks in the magical surroundings each day, and host optional nature workshops, from sit-spots to deep awareness practices that connect us with the natural world. Some of the very brave might have a cold swim, while the rest of us will get cosy in warm baths. We will host a workshop in Ayurveda and explore the constitutions and doshas in detail. We will take this further by applying the principles to the food we eat and consider new step. Ruby and Christabel will also host an afternoon workshop on ‘Practicing For Peace Within & Without’, through which we will look at two ancient Yoga texts and see how we may practically apply this wisdom in our daily lives. We will set up an art station, and throughout the weekend we invite you to paint, draw and read, engaging with your natural creativity whenever you can. There will of course be plenty of opportunity to relax in our beautiful home and it's gardens and take all the time you need to rest for the most important thing of all, your self-care.

WHAT NEXT? All inclusive prices from £250 to £650 . To reserve a place and choose your room please contact us. We will then ask you to pay a 50% deposit before paying the full 7 days before the retreat starts.

For more information about the type of yoga you will practice please see Ruby and Christabel's websites: //


Ruby Reed - Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

Ruby is an activist and yoga teacher interested in embodiment, breathwork and nature connection as sources of healing and empowerment. She has been practicing Yoga for the last 10 years, which has been a transformative process in widening her levels of awareness. She began her practice within the Ashtanga tradition, studying with Ursula Scott in London and at KPJAYI in Mysore, but has been increasingly drawn to a therapeutic application of the practice to balance and harmonise the body and mind along the principles of Ayurveda, in the tradition of Krishnamacharya and his son Desikachar under the guidance of Colin Dunsmuir and Miranda Taylor. 

Her passion for the oceans and connection to the natural world inspired her to co-create Advaya Initiative towards the end of 2015, an environmental and holistic wellbeing platform sharing a story that empowers young people to take action for healthier, more environmentally aware and globally considerate lives. Ruby has travelled extensively around the world living with diverse communities and coming to understand different ways of perceiving who we are and the Earth we are part of.

She has an MA in Countercultural Art in Latin America and the Eastern bloc from the death of Stalin in 1956 to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and an MA from Edinburgh University in Spanish and Art History with a focus on ideal beauty and the body in the early Renaissance.

Christabel Reed - Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

Christabel is a yoga therapist and teacher with a Masters in The Traditions of Yoga & Meditation, SOAS. In 2016 Christabel co-founded Advaya Initiative, an alternative think-tank seeking solutions to the interconnected crises of environmental destruction and mental health

Seeing the health of the planet as a reflection of the health of the Self, Christabel believes Yoga is tool to create the deep changes and shifts necessary to healing our relationships with ourselves, each other and the natural world. Yoga is a means of re-wilding from within, of un-peeling the layers that prevent acting from their inherent peace and power and thriving as they naturally should in harmony with nature.

Employing yoga philosophy, breath development and practice, sound and chanting, movement and stillness, awareness and meditation, Christabel encourages students to cultivate compassion for where they are at and become re-enchanted with their embodied existence and world around them. She hopes to empower students to acknowledge their power to act, to replace limiting or unhealthy patterns of action, thought and attitude with positive ones that nourish themselves and surroundings.

Christabel teaches that yoga is fundamentally a tool for freedom and that the two entwined journeys of self and planetary healing can fill our lives with joy, connection, purpose and belonging!


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3.00pm - Arrive
6.00-7.30pm - Yoga
8.00pm - Dinner


7.00-8.30am - Yoga
8.30-9.30am - Breakfast
9.30am-12.30pm - Cliff walk
1.00-2.00pm - Lunch
2.00-600pm - Relaxation, Workshops & Creative Down Time
6.00-7.30pm - Yoga
8.00pm - Dinner


7.00-8.30am - Yoga
8.30-9.30 - Breakfast
10.00am-2.00pm - Cliff Walk to Fairy Glen
2.00-3.00pm - Lunch
3.00-6.00pm - Witch Museum Trip or Creative Down Time
6.00-7.30pm - Yoga
8.00pm - Dinner
9.00pm - Moonlight walk


7.00-8.30am - Yoga
8.30-9.30 - Breakfast
10.00am-1.00pm - Cliff walk or Art workshop
1.00-2.00pm - Lunch
4.00pm-5.00pm - Ayurvedic workshop
6.30-7.30pm - Yoga
8.00pm - Dinner
9.00pm - Last night dinner, celebration & reflection


6.30-7.30 - Silent walking meditation as a group
7.30-9.30 - Yoga
10.00-11.00am - Brunch/breakfast


Our Home for the Week

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Carthew Farm is a beautiful family home set in one of the most picturesque areas of North Cornwall overlooking the Camel Estuary. With woodlands for walking and seas for swimming this is a very special retreat space.

Affordable options available - please get in touch for details.