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Consciousness: Re-Defining Our Parameters with Rupert Sheldrake & David Luke

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT | Monday 3rd December 2018, 18.30-21.00

“Our minds seem to extend stretch out beyond our brains through attention and intention. And they are also open to more-than-human forms of consciousness, both through spontaneous mystical experiences and through spiritual practices” … Join Rupert Sheldrake and David Luke for an insightful and unconventional exploration of consciousness and our parameters of understanding.

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Quantum Physics & Holistic Science, with Hardin Tibbs & Philip Franses

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT | Monday 19th November 2018, 18.30-21.00

“Far from being unjustified, quantum theory seems to be pushing us to rethink these underlying assumptions simply to make sense of the paradoxical picture it is painting of reality” … Join Philip Franses and Hardin Tibbs for a fascinating exploration and uncovering of some of our greatest assumptions and the ‘nothing’ our theory of everything forgets.

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Sound, Sacred Geometry & the Healing Power of the Voice, with Jill Purce & Angela Voss

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT | Monday 22nd October 2018, 18.30-21.00

“The cosmos is permeated by harmony, and embodies perfect geometric ratios” … Join Jill Purce and Angela Voss to explore the sacred and spiritual dimensions of sound, from the ‘music of the spheres’, esoteric philosophy, practices and Renaissance musical therapies, to Pythagoras and the spiritual imagination, the ancient magic of Mongolian overtone chanting, sacred songs, chants, sonic meditations and more.

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Yoga & Foraging: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Carthew Farm, St Issey, Wadebridge PL27 7RQ | Wednesday 17th to Sunday 28th October 2018.

Join us in the beautiful and wild surroundings of Cornwall for a very special five days of yoga and foraging. With meditation, breath development, wild drawing, art, craft, wild swimming, walks, nature connection, ayurvedic & vegan food, and plenty of free time to relax, explore and assimilate. We hope you will join us! 

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The London Yoga Festival

44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ | Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2018, 9.30am-6pm

An inspirational weekend of exceptional Masterclasses, Workshops, Talks and Films with more than 30 renowned modern teachers and scholars of Yoga. Ruby and Christabel, co-founders of Advaya Initiative, are teaching on Saturday and Sunday, ‘Rewilding from Within’ and ‘Practicing for Peace Inside and Out’.

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Dreaming the Land & Native Spirituality, with Mac Macartney & Sharon Blackie

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT | Monday 8 October 2018, 18.30-21.00

“Enchantment has nothing to do with magical thinking; rather, it is founded on an understanding of the mythic imagination as a living principle that draws us into deeper, lasting relationship with this beautiful, animate Earth” … Join Sharon Blackie and Mac Macartney to explore our relationships to the Dreaming and the Awakening so we can reclaim our future and name it beautiful.

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The Re-Enchantment Series:

Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT | October, November & December 2018, 18.30-21.00

A special series shining light on the world around us in a new way. We will explore topics including Sound and Sacred Geometry, Consciousness and Parapsychology, Quantum Physics, Secrets of the Forests, Dreaming the Land and Native Spirituality, whilst looking at how we may cultivate an attitude of enchantment, reigniting wonder and inspiring action in our daily lives. Speakers include Hardin Tibbs, Mac Macartney, Rupert Sheldrake, Jill Purce, Sharon Blackie, David Luke, Philip Frances Kay Haw and Angela Voss.

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Deep Nature Retreat: Autumn Equinox Yoga and Nature Immersion

Poundon House, Bicester OX27 9BB | Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2018.

Join us in the beautiful surroundings of Poundon House in Oxfordshire for a long weekend of deeply healing Yoga, nature-based practices, creativity and Ayurvedic food. Immerse yourself in your practice and be supported by Alicia Roscoe from &Sister and Ruby Reed from Advaya Initiative as we celebrate the Autumn Equinox and the movement towards the next stage of the year.

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Tiokasin Ghosthorse | Indigenous Perspectives & Spiritual Ecology: Lessons on Reviving a Sacred World

St Ethelburga's Centre, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG | Tuesday 10th July, 18.30-20.45

A very special evening in collaboration with St Ethelburga's (and in their beautiful nave) with Tiokasin Ghosthorse. Tiokasin Ghosthorse is a member of the Lakota (Sioux) Nation of South Dakota, and a teacher of indigenous worldviews and knowledge. Through conversation, ritual, music and storytelling we will explore indigenous perspectives on Spiritual Ecology and reviving a sacred world.

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Eating as a Sacred Act: Living in Harmony with our Food System

42ACRES, 66 Leonard St, Shoreditch EC2A 4LW | Tuesday 26th June, 7.30pm

For our fifth evening celebration of the WILD we will be joined by Nessie Reid as we explore how the principles of Spiritual Ecology can bring us into Harmony with our Food System.  A delicious Wild vegan banquet will be prepared by Michelin star Petersham Nurseries. All hosted by us in the beautiful 42ACRES, Shoreditch.

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Helena Norberg-Hodge & Jason Hickel | Economics of Happiness: Post-Growth, Localisation & Wellbeing

1-3-5 Flitcroft St, London WC2H 8DH, London | Wednesday 20th June, 7pm-10pm

An exploration of the growing worldwide movement for de-growth and economic localisation with Jason Hickel and Helena Norberg-Hodge. 

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Exploring Your Personal Relationship With Money | Mar Hausler

Garden Gate, 59 Ladbroke Grove, London, W11 3AT. (Entrance on St. John's Gardens - next to the church) | Saturday 16th June, 10am-5pm

A one day exploration of your personal & emotional relationship with money. Through guided meditation, dynamic group exercises, personal reflection and questioning, you will become aware of disempowering patterns and beliefs holding you back from creating a life where money serves you. This workshop is for those who are ready to step into alignment with abundance.

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Alternative Economies: Decentralisation & People Power | Brett Scott, Duncan McCann, Jaya Klara Brekke

1-3-5 Flitcroft Street, London, WC2H 8DH | Thursday 31st May, 7PM-10.30PM

With Brett Scott, Duncan McCann and Jaya Klara Brekke. To ensure a more democratic, sustainable and prosperous future we need to look to radical, ethical solutions that go beyond the debt-growth trap. We need to find an economic system where ecological sustainability, social justice, and financial stability go hand in hand: an economy that meets the needs of all, not just the privileged few, and allows us to thrive.

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Regenerative Activism:

Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone | Saturday 7th April, 9.15am-5.00pm

Join us and Ulex Project for a unique and timely contribution to addressing a key challenge of our time: how to nourish the self while (and through) creating social change, enabling this to be a means of flourishing, both individually and for society. A day of presentations, discussions and workshops bringing together leading activists and change makers from across the UK and beyond.

Justine Huxley (St. Ethelburga's) • Asad Rehman (War on Want) • Alasdair Roxburgh (Friends of the Earth) • Sophy Banks (Transition Towns Movement) • Bayo Akomolafe (The Emergence Network) • Pat McCabe (Indigenous Rights) • Sarah Corbett (Craftivist Collective) • Natasha Adams (Campaigns Consultant) • Rachel Lilley (Aberystwyth University) • Guhyapati (Ulex Project & The Eco-Dharma Centre) • Gita Parihar (Legal Consultant) • Ruby & Christabel Reed (Advaya Initiative)

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The Last Animals Screening + Q&A with the Director Kate Brooks

The Regent Street Cinema, 307 Regent Street, W1B 2HW | Monday 23rd April, 7.30PM

Conflict photographer Kate Brooks turns her lens from the war zones she is used to covering to a new kind of genocide – the killing of African Elephants and Rhinos – in this sweeping and sobering expose of an underreported crisis. As the single-digit population of Northern White Rhinoceros ticks closer to zero, Brooks outlines the myriad factors contributing to the current epidemic of highly effective poaching and trafficking syndicates, drawing startling connections between the illegal wildlife trade and international terrorism and border security.

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